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29700 SW Mountain RD 97068

Triskelee Farm is a small working farm that offers summer camps, farm tours, parties, a preschool, and more!

During select weeks in July, we'll be offering summer camps for kids of all ages! They will focus on our farm animals like our goats, alpacas, and birds, we'll be going into the garden and taking lots of nature walks. Camps will include nature crafts, learning about farming, and where our food comes from.

Come experience farm life by reserving a guided educational farm tour that takes you up close and personal with our lovely farm animals. Our working farm raises animals for eggs, milk, fiber, and meat. We have alpacas, goats, ostriches, peacocks, and more. You'll even get a chance to feed some! Adults can make it a Tipsy Tour! We offer beer and wine from local vineyards and breweries to take with you on the tour.  See our website to book a tour. https://triskeleefarm.com/farm-experiences

We are here to share our farm with you and teach you where our food comes from. Because food doesn't come from the store, it comes from a farmer! Triskelee Farm began as a mere wish and then it came to fruition in 2018. The name Triskelee is derived from the ancient Celtic symbol Triskele meaning things of three. Such as past, present, and future. For us, it represents the three generations of our family that all came together to learn how to farm and live together. We had no farming experience when we started this journey we just knew we wanted our children to be close to their extended family and have an outdoor environment to grow up in.

Check out our new Triskelee Sprouts Farm School at triskeleesprouts.com

Phone: 5037419930
Organization Email: triskeleefarm@gmail.com
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