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Discover The International School:
An Education Bigger than A Neighborhood.

Tuesday, January 29th 6th 6 – 8pm
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For our children, a world of possibilities awaits. And if we are to send them out to explore beyond the bounds of our neighborhoods we must prepare them for the journey. Mentally, emotionally and linguistically. For a child capable of learning a language and absorbing a culture beyond their own will thrive anywhere they go. So we’ve created a school where tomorrow’s young explorers can be immersed in a language and comprehend a culture unlike their own.

But we didn’t stop there. Exploration, leadership and distinction require more than language proficiency, they require skill and an inclination to think critically, make connections and challenge oneself to continually do better. So we chose a curriculum and recruited teachers that help young minds do just that.

Welcome to the International School. For almost three decades we’ve been helping to guide and prepare today’s generation of explorers for the challenges of tomorrow.

How would an education from The International School benefit YOUR child?
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