Every Child Deserves Fun Summer Opportunities

From our friends at Hampton Tutors

As pandemic restrictions ease, kids and parents are eager to make up for lost time this summer. From outdoor adventure camps to summer sports leagues and brain-engaging STEAM programs, spaces are filling up and waitlists are growing longer by the minute.

The promise of a (somewhat) normal summer in the Pacific Northwest is indeed something worth celebrating. However, with the average cost of day camp in the U.S. around $76 per day ($172 per day for overnight camps), there’s also a great need for more affordable summer childcare and enrichment opportunities in the Portland area.  

Portland Public School’s Summer 2021: Enrichment, Engagement and Safety programming hopes to fill the gap.

Summer enrichment for all income-levels

By partnering with local academic coaching and tutoring agency Hampton Tutors, Portland Public Schools is able to provide engaging summer courses for kids of all ages completely free of charge. These three-week-long summer learning programs for K-12 students promote leadership and self-expression through a variety of curriculum modules, including STEAM, music/arts/theatre, executive functioning, and, for the older kids, college/career readiness.

“The reality is that many summer camps and academic programs are simply a non-starter for Portland families, particularly those with multiple children,” said Hampton Tutors Founder Andy Williamson.

“We’re so happy to be offering a fun and enriching set of summer classes that takes into account the needs of all Portland families, regardless of income-level. We want to make it as easy as possible for as many kids as possible to participate.”

Classes are held three days a week, from morning until late afternoon, with breakfast and lunch included. All participants are also offered a city bus pass for traveling to and from class, as private transportation is not always easy or available for many families.

Helping kids learn to love learning

In addition to expanding access to more families, the core goal of Hampton Tutor’s partnership with Portland Public Schools is to help students develop a genuine love of learning. This includes strengthening students’ metacognition—their own understanding of how they learn best. The better a student knows themselves, the better they are at harnessing their strengths and managing their challenges.

Each day of the enrichment program starts with a centering activity, such as mindfulness or yoga, and ends with a reflection, helping students develop a deeper sense of their learning style and preferences. The program is designed to keep students engaged during the summer, but the goal is also for students to feel more prepared and confident going into the new school year in the fall.

Program locations and schedule

Families can choose from three summer sessions:

– Session A: June 21 – July 9
– Session B: July 12 – July 30
– Session C: August 2 – August 20

Locations for each age group are as follows:

– Grades 9-12: Grant High School or Franklin High School
– Grades K-8: Laurelhurst K-8 or Faubion K-8

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