While my husband and I love Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food, our kiddos who once happily ate everything are smack in the middle of a picky phase. So when we recently headed to the new Spitz restaurant on North Killingsworth on an early Saturday evening, I didn’t have high hopes that my kiddos would tuck right into their dinners. This SoCal-based chain offers Mediterranean/Middle Eastern wraps stuffed with seasoned lamb and beef (gyro style), or chicken shaved off of a rotating spit. They also have falafels for vegetarians and plates of fries slathered in aioli and feta.

Don’t worry, while the post-hipster meets Lisa Frank décor and open garage door makes the place feel more like a bar than a restaurant, the food is actually really good. But you do in fact have to order at the bar. And the music is pretty loud — something my 2-year-old son actually liked, bopping his head along like Will Ferrell in an SNL skit.


Spitz offers a kid-size wrap, but I knew neither my son, nor my 5-year-old daughter would actually eat it. So I ordered them a side of chicken to split ($3.50). Unfortunately that was a strike-out, too. While it was tasty by my standards, they found it too heavy on the spice.

My husband was impressed with his lamb/beef Street Cart Döner Wrap, which came with garlic aioli and tzatziki ($9.75). I had the Zesty Feta wrap, which included feta spread and peperoncini ($14.50 for a combo with a fountain drink and side). The wraps were really solid — they were well seasoned, had tangy sauces that delivered and were packed with a garden’s worth of fresh vegetables.

I also ordered the crispy garbanzos with olives. Those little fried legumes were crunchy, salty and highly addictive — and my daughter liberated some of them from my basket. (The fried olives accompanying them were over-the-top salty.) The kids also commandeered most of my husband’s sweet potato fries ($4).

So even though I had to make the kiddos a quesadilla when we got home, we’d still go back to Spitz. Everything else was very kid-accommodating. They had high chairs and the bathroom contained a diaper-changing station. The food came out almost instantly — I had just doled out some Jenga pieces to the kids when it arrived. (They also had checkers and chess boards stashed under the water/utensil station.) Clearly we weren’t the only ones to reach this conclusion — as we were leaving, we noticed a whole slew of families with babies and young kids were populating tables inside and out.

2103 N Killingsworth. Open daily 10 am-10 pm. Spitzpdx.com


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