Neighborhood We Love: Eastmoreland

Driving or walking through Eastmoreland’s tree-lined streets full of large, elegant homes, you’re struck by the neighborhood’s beauty. And that’s not an accident. According to the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association, the neighborhood was laid out by devotees of the national City Beautiful movement of the early 1900s.

Neighborhood We Love: Multnomah Village

Minutes from downtown, this charming and quintessentially Portland neighborhood centers around a main street that boasts breakfast joints, gift shops, bakeries, a beloved toy store and much more. And a yearly summer parade and street fair is a much-cherished community event.

Neighborhood We Love: Wilsonville

Originally called Boone’s Landing after a descendant of Daniel Boone, Wilsonville got a name change in 1880. The name hasn’t been the only change in its history; Wilsonville has transformed from ferry site to port to train depot, and finally to the southernmost suburb in the Portland-metro area with a major freeway artery running right through its center.

Playlist: Dino Rock

If your kids can’t get enough of dinosaurs, then Dinosaurs & Monsters, the fourth album from YouTube phenomenon Howdytoons, will blow their minds.

Family-Friendly Island Vibes at Pono Brew Labs

Take out the family to Pono Brew Labs in Portland’s Hollywood neighborhood. This easy, relaxed brew pub offers a South Pacific twist not only on craft brews, but on typical pub food. Plus, there are arcade games!

DIY Birthday Cake Kits

Easy, minimally messy, and oh-so-cute, Cake Hoopla DIY cake kits are sure to be a hit at your child’s next birthday.

Top 3 Air Filters

Because anyone who lived through Portland’s wildfire smoke-pocalypse of 2020 will probably not want to repeat that experience.

Neighborhood We Love: Goose Hollow

If easy access to all that Portland has to offer is a top priority, Goose Hollow brings just that. Learn more about the neighborhood that is older than the city of Portland itself.

Brentwood Park

Neighborhood We Love: Brentwood-Darlington

“The best thing Brentwood-Darlington has going for it is the strong community vibe … Neighbors support one another like I have never seen before, and I have lived in seven different states,” says neighbor Will Mohring.

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