Featured Camp of the Week: Lovegood Performing Arts Company

From our friends at Lovegood Performing Arts Company

Do you love good performing arts education from experienced instructors in dance, voice and acting?

Lovegood Performing Arts Company summer camps and workshops are not like your typical rec center summer programming. Lovegood camps and workshops are taught by experienced instructors with years of dance, voice, technical theater and acting instructing experience. In addition to top-notch performing arts education, Lovegood has their own blackbox theater to give all students the full experience of performing on a real stage!

Camps & Workshops Are Filling Up Quickly

Lovegood has already filled some workshops and many others are close to capacity. Here are a few of the camps and workshops with capacity being offered this summer:

– Musical Theater Kids Camp: Magic Tree House: Knight at Dawn KIDS for ages 7-11
– Musical Theater Kids Camp: A Year with Frog and Toad Kids for ages 7-11
– Dance Week Workshops for ages 8-14 & 12-22
– Student Improv Workshop for ages 12-22
– Audition Workshop for ages 12-22
– Family Improve Workshop for ages 7 & up
– One Day Callback and Dance Intensives for ages 7-22

Many Scholarship Options Available

Lovegood is a nonprofit that fundraises specifically to provide scholarships for all of these situations:
– Automatic scholarships for multiple students from the same household
– Automatic scholarships for students that want to take more than camp or workshop
– Need-based scholarships
– Service Scholarship for households whose primary income is from: education, ministry, 501(c)3 nonprofit, and military

COVID Protocols

Lovegood has their own education and performance space at 10144 SW Park Way Portland, OR 97225 that is over 7,000 square feet of mostly wide open space, which provides over 200 sq ft per student if the camp or workshop was at full capacity. We follow essential protocols for distancing, cleaning, and performing medical check-ins at drop-off. All students and staff are required to wear face masks and engage in social distancing, except for meal or snack times when students are spread apart for unmasked eating or drinking.

Lovegood Performing Arts Company was launched about a year go with online classes and performances in 2020. In 2021 we began in-person classes at their very own education space and black box studio in Beaverton. We look forward to your family joining Lovegood this summer!

Learn more and register at https://www.lovegood.company/summer

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