Featured School of the Week: Catlin Gabel School

From our friends at Catlin Gabel School:

Catlin Gabel is recognized as one of the finest schools in the nation. The school’s commitment to progressive education encourages students to harness their curiosity and courage to become critical thinkers who advocate for themselves and others. When students step onto the 67-acre campus each morning from 51 different Portland metro neighborhoods, they bring their unique perspectives and personalities to create an environment unlike any other.

A Focus on Every Student

Classes focus on hands-on experimentation and reflective observation, and they are intentionally smaller in size to allow for questions and conversation. Catlin Gabel teachers take the time to get to know their students as individuals. Their knowledge inspires students to dig deeper into questions and to keep trying if their first attempt falls short. Students are also supported by divisional counselors, learning specialists, as well as an equity and inclusion team, who work with students, families, and employees to develop shared community understandings and practices to help every student feel they belong to our community.  

Co-curricular Opportunities

Opportunities outside of the classroom include athletics teams beginning in Middle School, with ten varsity programs for Upper School students. Global Education and Outdoor Education programs expand students’ horizons and class trips take students to locales around Oregon. Affinity groups and clubs provide spaces for students to explore their similarities and differences, shared interests, and intersections of identity.

Academics from Preschool-Grade 12

Because we are one school with three divisions (Beginning and Lower School: preschool-5th grade; Middle School: 6th-8th grade; Upper School: 9-12th grade), the curriculum is intentionally designed across the grades.

In preschool and kindergarten: students engage in literacy, mathematics, and inquiry through play and exploration. From first through fifth grade, students are guided by homeroom teachers and meet regularly with specialist teachers in mathematics, science, technology, art, music, woodshop, and wellness, as well as Mandarin and Spanish.

Beginning in sixth grade, students take classes in seven core areas (English, social studies, math, science, and either Spanish, Mandarin, or French) and a range of arts offerings— from drama, studio art, and media arts to music and woodshop.

Starting in ninth grade, students can choose from more than 150 classes across all disciplines and can also take classes from a consortium of worldwide independent schools through the Global Online Academy. Upper School students also have access to a range of labs and learning spaces, including engineering and robotics labs, theaters and ceramic studios, math and science buildings, and a dedicated library. In a typical year, 100% of Catlin Gabel graduates go on to colleges and universities across the nation and are supported by the school’s college counselors who help them identify schools or other post-secondary plans that best align with their abilities and interests.

Visit Catlin Gabel

Want to learn more? Register for Catlin Gabel’s Open House, October 22 from 1-4 p.m. to hear from teachers and administrators, explore classrooms, and tour campus.

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