Featured School of the Week: Village Preschool of Portland

From our friends at Village Preschool of Portland

Since 1955, Village Preschool of Portland has been bringing families together for exceptional and affordable co-operative education with a strong central value: the importance of play! At Village, teachers and parents collaborate in a safe and engaging space where children can explore, create and become their most authentic selves.

Tradition & change

Village families love being part of a 65-year-old co-op tradition—some parents were once Village preschoolers themselves! However, the community knows that family life has changed significantly. While staying true to their values of play-based learning and family involvement, Village Preschool of Portland is excited to offer new flexible scheduling possibilities!

Starting Fall 2020, parents will have the option of having their children attend 2-5 mornings a week, depending on their child’s age. For Senior children (ages 4 -6) there is also a Lunch & Play option after morning class.  Village is also now providing a Pre-K program on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, where eligible Senior students are given thoughtful instruction in academic skills such as early literacy and math, while also developing the social and emotional skills that are a foundation for Kindergarten and beyond.

Learn with play!

Every element of Village Preschool is chosen to engage children and support exploration, cooperation, creativity and problem solving. Unit blocks, art and cooking projects, stories, music and daily outdoor time are all important components in the Village learning experience. Sensory table textures and nature table themes change often, so there is something new to explore as well as consistent opportunities for imaginative play. Teacher Jamie also sends a monthly letter home so families are in on all the fun.

Grow with respect!

Village is a place where every child is heard and acknowledged for their feelings and ideas without judgment. Teachers and parent helpers communicate without rewarding, punishing or praising. As Teacher Jamie says, “Gently and consistently we can let the children understand boundaries and how rules make our classroom a safe, healthy and considerate place.” In this way, children build authentic self-esteem and intrinsic motivation and become more confident, independent and respectful members of their community.

Community & Connection!

Parenting during the preschool years can be a challenge as well as a joy; it’s always nice to have extra support! Whether it’s sharing podcast recommendations or pop-up play-dates, Village families love their co-op connections! Family education is an integral part of the Village experience and many alumni comment that years later they continue to use the philosophy and parent education they learned at Village!

Village Preschool is a diverse group of families that includes born Oregonians and recent arrivals, stay-at-home parents and full-time professionals. They come together because they are committed to active participation in their child’s education. Village values working with families around their talents and schedules to ensure success in school commitments. Attending school activities and occasional meetings not only facilitates home-school communication–they are memories to savor in this special season of parenting!

Even now with the current closure due to Covid-19, Teacher Jamie and families have stayed connected through Zoom Circle Times, craft packages for families, and sweet letters from Teacher Jamie to children, sending them a smile.

Welcome to Village!

Village is currently closed following state guidelines regarding COVID-19; however, they ARE currently enrolling for the 2020-21 school year! Please visit their website at villagepreschoolofportland.com or contact them at info@villagepreschoolofportland.com with your inquiries and interest. They will be happy to get in touch with you either by email, phone or your preferred video platform.

Village Preschool is a non-profit and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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