Dismayed by the seeing litter in Portland, Frank Moscow decided to stop complaining about it and make a positive change. Moscow started Adopt One Block, an organization that asks people to sign up to “adopt” a block in Portland with the goal of cleaning up litter. “People and families get to clean up the block they care about the most (likely their own or one close by), when and how they want, with cleanup supplies we deliver for free,” says Moscow.

“My son, Jack, 7, and I adopted the block that is George Park in St. Johns,” says Brett Duesing. “I like the concept of Adopt One Block. You can chip in your time on your own schedule, you don’t have to go to meetings, and you focus the work on wherever you find the problem. Pretty powerful if you get hundreds of people doing it.” And, in fact, hundreds of people in Portland have signed up to be “block ambassadors.” Portland is the test city for Adopt One Block, and more than 500 blocks have been adopted. Moscow plans to expand to more cities soon. To sign up your family, visit adoptoneblock.org.

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