Hands On: Pull up a Stool

Make your own kid-sized toadstool seat, with this simple tutorial from reuse/recycle mecca SCRAP PDX.

This whimsical toadstool project is a fun and affordable way to create kid-friendly furniture with materials that might otherwise be thrown away. The finished project can be used as a seat or a footstool, depending on the size of the kid. Students ages 6 to 12 had a blast creating their own toadstool during a recent session of Camp SCRAP.

Materials Needed:

HandsOn-SCRAP_PDX_Apr16-1Large, industrial-size spool (You can often find these at SCRAP, or local home improvement stores may let you have one for free).

White acrylic craft paint





Thin sheet of foam or padding (same size as top of spool)

Red fabric (larger than top of spool)


Hot glue gun (low temp)

White felt or fabric scraps

Faux leaves and/or flowers

Optional: Hand-held stapler (heavy duty)


1. Paint the center cylinder of the spool with white acrylic paint.

2. Trace around the top of the spool onto foam or padding and cut to size.

3. Place foam on spool and use the red fabric to cover the top of the foam. Stretch fabric ends under the seat. While slowly pleating the fabric, attach it to the bottom of the seat with the hot glue. After the fabric is attached, trim the excess fabric with scissors.

4. Cut white felt into small circles in a variety of sizes. With hot glue, adhere to the red fabric top.

(Optional step with adult help: For a stronger bond, use a hand-held stapler to attach the fabric.)

5. With the red cushion of the spool facing up, attach faux leaves and flowers to the bottom ring of the spool with hot glue until the surface is covered.

Optional: Add some whimsy with a small fairy door. Cut out a piece of cardboard, draw on a door knob and panels to make it look like a door and hot glue it to the side of the spool.

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