From our friends at Lovegood Performing Arts Company

Families in Washington County have a new option when it comes to engaging in youth performing arts programs.

Lovegood Performing Arts Company opened its doors for in-person and virtual classes in February, serving students ages 8-22 with dance, voice, acting, and technical theater education and performance opportunities.

For students 10 to 22 years of age, Lovegood provides an opportunity to dive deep into four main focus areas: dance, voice, acting, and technical theater.  Many students take more than one focus area during a season, allowing them to engage in multiple areas of interest simultaneously.  The intention with classes based on focus areas is to allow for deep instruction and progression within the area or areas students want to explore most.

For 8- and 9-year-old students, Lovegood offers a weekly musical theater combination class that introduces their youngest students to dance, voice, and acting all in one class session.

Lovegood is unique in their approach to involving students in all aspects of the performing arts experience. In addition to on-stage performance opportunities, youth participants in the technical theater program are working with adult instructors to learn the art of technical theater. They are working to build an all new black box studio, which is giving them hands-on experience with how a theater is put together. Lovegood is the only youth performing arts company in Beaverton with a professional black box studio venue as part of their educational space, which provides a unique opportunity for students to perform in the same place they attend classes and rehearse.

There are so many reasons to love good performing arts for your children. Research abounds with the benefits of engaging in the arts as a young person, and Lovegood Performing Arts Company brings a welcome source of performing arts opportunities to families on the west side of the Portland Metro area.

Lovegood Performing Arts Company is accepting class registrations until March 14th for their spring season that runs through May.  If you love good acting, dancing, and singing, you should check them out!

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