New Roller Coaster Coming to Oaks Park

If you’ve been by Oaks Park lately, you may have noticed the gorgeous, scary-looking purple roller coaster being erected on the south end of the park.

At last, the coaster is approaching its grand opening date, March 24.

Don’t worry – it’s still under construction in this picture

The roller coaster is billed as an “extreme” coaster, and just looking at it you can tell that’s no lie. Called “The Adrenaline Peak Roller Coaster,” the coaster boasts a 72 foot vertical lift, a 97 foot loop, turns, rolls, and top speeds at 45 miles per hour. My heart is palpitating just thinking about it.

The Details:

Oaks Park: 7805 SE Oaks Park Way
Spring Break Hours: Beginning March 24, 12-5 pm
Kids must be 48 inches to ride the ride.
Tickets are $9.50 each, or get unlimited rides with the premier ride bracelet ($39.25).

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