Parent Hacks for Screen Time and Online Safety

From our friends at Xfinity

Learn about how the Xfinity App can help manage screen time, keep your family safe on the internet, and start important conversations about online safety, privacy and security.

Parent Hacks: Parental Controls

Xfinity has made it easier than ever to monitor your child’s internet usage. In the age of virtual classrooms, kids are online now more than ever. The Xfinity App offers a comprehensive set of tools to manage what type of content your kids are encountering at a granular level.

The Xfinity App lets you identify and name each device in your home. This enables you to customize parental controls for specific ages. You can make sure each one of your kids is in the right place online and protected from harmful content.

The Xfinity App also has a security feature, keeping your family safe by proactively blocking phishing, malware and other cyber-attacks. These features are available to all Xfinity internet subscribers for free.

Parent Hacks: Limiting Screen Time

It’s stressful trying to keep your kids focused during distance learning. That’s where the Xfinity App comes in –you can easily keep tabs on daily screen time.

The Xfinity App allows you to name each device in your household, setting different screen time restrictions for different kids and even turning off their phone’s internet access during the school day. The screen time feature isn’t just for kids—you can pause everyone’s device for a tech-free meal or to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

These features are available to all Xfinity internet subscribers for free.

Parent Hacks: Keeping Kids Safe Online

The Xfinity App has a robust selection of features to limit access to harmful websites and limit screen time. It’s also great way to start the conversation about internet safety.

Comcaster David Hardin talks to his daughters daily. If they want more screen time, they come to him to check-in about how they’ve been spending their time online. This enables important discussions about safety, privacy and security online.

The Xfinity App is available to all Xfinity internet subscribers for free.

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