PDX Parent February 2019


Day Care IRT
Portland child care centers let parents peek in at their kiddos all day long, thanks to technology. By Beth Slovic and Jeni Banceu.

You Better Work
New options around town to get your sweat on. By Niki Reading.


Choosing Your Child’s Doctor
A local pediatrician’s practical tips for finding the right provider for your kid, at any age. By Whitney Casares, M.D.

Field Trip
Turn your kid into a playground ninja at Forge Parkour. By Julia Silverman.


Play Room
Get gemütlich in Leavenworth, DIY valentine inspo and teen roller-skating champs (and cousins).

Hands On
More crayon stubs than you can count? Turn them into works of art with our easy tutorial. By Denise Castañon.


Family Supper
A new dumpling king comes to town. By Julia Silverman.

Recipe File
Almond-butter balls for a snack on the playground, after school or any time. By Judith Rich.

A comic for parents. By Tom Toro.


Child Care and Preschool
School Open Houses
Montessori Focus
Summer Camps

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