PDX Parent November 2018

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Family Meal
Three local chefs — and their families — invite us into the kitchen to share some favorite holiday recipes. By Irene Tejaratchi Hess.

A Solid Start
Rice cereal’s got competition: The new ways PDX families are introducing solid food to their babies. By Judith Rich.



Play Room
Top 5 places to get your grilled cheese on, a foodie getaway to Seattle and kid-lit picks from Portland Book Festival authors.

Field Trip
Finagle some bagels at Cookshop in SE Portland, plus more kid/parent cooking classes around town. By Denise Castañon.

How We Live
Living that #vanlife in the Pacific Northwest, with a baby on board. By Erin J. Bernard.

This Mom Life
Settling into the school year, with a few speed bumps along the way. By Toni Hammer.


Family Supper
Laotian street food + an uncrowded play area = jackpot, at Cully Central. By Julia Silverman.

Recipe File
A fresh new take on an old standby, with zucchini noodles and cheese-stuffed meatballs. By Judith Rich.


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