PDX Parent October 2016


Table of Contents

Play Room
Earworms for preschoolers, helping out on Halloween and the best toothbrushers for little teeth.

Halloween for the Ages
Where to get your tricks and treats on in PDX this year, with kids of any age. By Denise Castañon.

Masterpiece Theater
Our annual fall arts preview is back, with the scoop on great family-friendly shows premiering around town. By Toni Tabora-Roberts.


Field Trip
Getting the kids out into nature is easy-peasy, with kid-friendly guided nature walks. By Alison Wilkinson.

Daddy Issues
Six years old is a milestone, for a daughter and her dad. By Ryan White.

Hands On
Go on, let your kids break that toy. It’s art!  By Jeannie Ruiz.

Family Supper
Gotta catch ’em all — the dishes at Poke Mon on Hawthorne Boulevard, that is. By Julia Silverman.

Recipe File
Swap out bread for sweet potato for a nutritious after-school snack. By Christi Reed.



Bonus Education Guide

Recess Time
Recess is most every kid’s favorite part of the school day. Here’s why scientists love it, too. Plus, a peek at recess at two very different PDX-area schools. Photos by Nick Macdonald. Text by Julia Silverman.

Editors’ Note
I never truly appreciated Halloween before having kids. But the kids managed to change my mind — this is their holiday, the one they plan for all year long. Their joy has turned me into a Halloween believer, even if they flatly refuse to share their candy, and have developed intricate tallies to thwart our efforts — photographic proof below. My daughter, in particular, loves to abandon herself to Halloween’s flights of fancy. It’s a natural fit, given her flair for the dramatic. Last year, she and another first-grade friend wrote a 15-page play, cast 11 of their classmates, made tie-dyed costumes for all the players and staged the show in our living room. I thought a lot about her while PDX Parent’s staff was putting together this month’s issue. Besides managing editor Denise Castañon’s awesome take on Halloween bests for every age on page 20, writer Toni Tabora-Roberts took us behind the scenes with some of our favorite kid-friendly theater companies for our annual fall arts preview. It’s that time of year, for dressing up and making believe, for learning lines and watching spellbound as stories unfold. Buy some tickets, and hit the streets — we’ll see you out there.  — Julia Silverman

P.S.:  Now that the school year’s underway in earnest, it’s a good time for our annual education issue, with resources for helping you find out about school open houses, after school programs, child care and much more. This year, local dad and photographer Nick Macdonald takes a look at every kid’s favorite period — recess — on the playgrounds of two local schools.

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