PDX Women-owned Skin-care and Makeup Picks

During the pandemic, so many self-care activities have been back-burnered. For many of us, that includes our skin-care routine. With wider access to vaccines and the beginning of in-person school giving us a little more breathing room, maybe it’s time to dabble in our beauty and wellness habits again. With all the time outside — thanks to both spring sunshine and virus precautions — you may want to up your SPF game. And since masks aren’t leaving us any time soon, perhaps you’d like a fun new eyeshadow to highlight the part of your face people can actually see. Whatever you’re looking for, this roundup of women-owned skincare and makeup shops has you covered. We all deserve a little beauty upgrade right now, and a purchase from these local, women-owned businesses is a splurge you can feel good about.


Gatherwise is a plant-based line of skin-care products. Each item is formulated to work with your skin by taking advantage of plants’ natural healing properties to regulate, soothe and balance your skin. Their ingredients are grown, harvested, and slow-crafted straight from the Gatherwise farm, into their products. Everything they make is free of preservatives, dyes, and harsh chemicals.

The owner, Melissa Fuller, has made Portland her hometown for over 15 years, and the Gatherwise farm rests just on the outskirts of the Portland hills. Fuller is in awe of this magical place each and every day. She recommends The Facial Balm, which maintains your skin’s overall wellness and leaves a beautiful, healthy glow. It is kind enough to use as a daily moisturizer or overnight treatment, and it’s full of antioxidants, omegas, and vitamins A, C and E.


Blendily artisans craft handmade, zero-waste, botanical skin-care, from plants either grown or harvested themselves or sourced from sustainable farms. The few ingredients they do procure from afar are purchased from organic-certified companies. All of their products are handmade in the store, with ingredients on display. You can even watch them work in their Skincare Kitchen. Blendily’s founder Ivy Chuang is dedicated to connecting people to the land, helping customers rediscover lost skin-care knowledge, and sharing botanical magic and wisdom. 

R&Arie Skincare

R&Arie Skincare believes self-care is not an indulgence, but a birthright. Celebrating all womxn, R&Arie manufactures small-batch spa products with minimal ingredients. Originating from owner Reeba Daniel’s search for minority-focused products with real ingredients to treat her own and her child’s eczema, R&Arie was founded as an inclusive company that focuses on its social impact. 

Hue Noir Cosmetics

Hue Noir’s founder Paula Hayes, a chemist, was inspired by her own struggle to find quality cosmetics for herself and other women of color. Hue Noir puts multicultural women at the center, providing products specifically designed for a wide variety of skin tones and complexions. Their products rely on predominantly natural ingredients, and are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic. Hue Noir is run by women of color for women of color, and every step of the manufacturing process (from conception to manufacturing to packaging) happens right here in PDX.   

Helen Rose Skincare

Helen Rose Skincare Co., founded by Day Bibb, provides soothing, ultra-moisturizing skin-care products, designed to heal and calm. Their products are all-natural, vegan, and eco-friendly, and a portion of their profits goes to support Om-Thrive, which provides healing yoga practice to survivors of domestic violence. 

J. Renee Organics

Shelly Todd, esthetician and owner of Revive Skin Services and J.Renee Organic Skincare Line, came to the skin-care industry after years of fruitlessly trying product after product to treat her acne, rosacea, and melasma. Beginning her career with basic facials, she now has almost a decade of experience, with expertise in skin-care modalities, skin diseases, ingredient toxicology, microdermabrasion, microneedling, light therapy, oncology esthetics, and more. She began her own skincare line in 2013, and you can search her products based on your skin type or goals (oily, sensitive, acne, anti-aging, scar-reduction, etc). Her clients rave about both her spa and her product line. Check out her wide range of products for women, men and children. 

Blush Beauty Bar

Blush Beauty Bar is a boutique retail store focusing on green beauty makeup and skin-care products, tools and gifts. They offer a wide selection of esthetic services including facials, lashes and waxing, as well as makeup application and lessons. Both owners are native Portland residents. They recommend The Perfect Weekend Sheet Mask Collection by Patchology for moms who give so much to others and deserve a gift for themselves. It’s what they call a “blushie crush,” perfect for a weekend of self-care and self-love. This three mask collection will hydrate, illuminate and soothe your skin. 513 NW 23rd Ave., Portland.

Coral Story Beauty

Coral Story Beauty’s journey began during the owner’s search for postpartum skin-care solutions. After she became the expert all her friends and family turned to, she decided to launch her own business in 2018. She has done all the research into the best green beauty products, so you don’t have to. Check out her storefront on SE Division, and browse the wide variety of makeup, skin care and accessories.

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