In the words of my four-year-old, “
Pete the Cat was super funny”. She could barely get through a sentence describing the musical to her dad without bursting into laughter. I agree. I think it may be the most I have ever laughed during a children’s theatre production.

This was my four-year-old’s second show at Oregon Children’s Theatre. I was worried that, like her first show, she would loudly describe everything she was seeing. But from the moment Pete the Cat rolled across the stage to the last number, my daughter did nothing but laugh and clap.

I’m always impressed with the work OCT puts out.  We’ve never been let down. But Pete the Cat stands out. If children’s theatre were rated like the New York Times’ book reviews, it would be a best-seller.


I love that OCT has appropriate and fun crafts for the kiddos before the show. My daughter wore her Pete the Cat headband through the entire show. As we waited in line to meet the cast, she pointed to her headband and said, “Mom, I bet they won’t know if I’m Pete the Cat or if Pete the Cat is Pete the Cat.” (No one was fooled but don’t tell her that.)

The entire cast was spot-on, but for me, Megan Misslin stood out. She seamlessly transitioned from character to character and was just hilarious.

The songs, performed by a live band, are pretty catchy. You’ll find yourself singing them after the show. All the folks who were on the bus with us on the ride home will wonder why they have a song about a VW bus in their heads. They can thank my daughter for that.

Now to go help our cat out of that tutu.

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