Portland-Area Preschools Guide

Are you looking for a preschool? Whether you’ll be enrolling for the first time or making a change, here are some great options!

Franciscan Montessori Earth School and St. Francis Academy

Founded by the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist, the Franciscan Montessori Earth School has been inspiring children to expand their mind, nurture their spirit, and steward the earth since 1977. Through the academic and experiential learning process developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, and influenced by the spirituality of St. Francis, students are guided to respect themselves, others, and the earth we share.

Portland Montessori Collaborative (pdxMC)

As a Montessori school for the tiniest learners, pdxMC empowers young minds to flourish with curiosity, discovery, and compassion through a nurturing Montessori environment that cultivates community, independence, joy in learning, and a strong foundation for lifelong success.

Fresh and wholesome meals prepared lovingly by their in house chef, an amazing adventure playground, and the use of cloth diapers are just a few ways they integrate environmental sustainability into our curriculum.

Maitripa Tara School

The Maitripa Tara School’s mission is to support and develop the Good Heart and the potential of all beings, while sharing in a community of care, love and respect.

Founded on the three pillars of wisdom, compassion, and ethics, the school is inspired by a Tibetan Buddhist world view, and its curriculum follows Dr. Maria Montessori’s Pedagogical method, and a permaculture approach to care an connect with the natural world, oneself and each other.

Lilyposa Schoolhouse

Lilyposa Schoolhouse is a half day, year round play-based preschool in SE Portland. Their program integrates open-ended, cooperative play with plenty of arts, music, and outside time with supportive and kind teachers. Their focus is on social-emotional learning and skill building. They help children develop skills to become critical thinkers who are excited about learning.

St. Ignatius School

St. Ignatius Preschool offers a play-based program rooted in the Reggio Emilia philosophy of knowing the children and their interests. Experienced teachers and engaging curriculum offer children the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe, nurturing environment. St. Ignatius preschool students experience a whole school community complete with service projects and classes in music, PE, and library. The St. Ignatius School preschool program is state certified and part of the SPARK network.

Tucker Maxon Preschool

Tucker Maxon Preschool has it all:

  • Small class sizes
  • Affordable tuition (free Preschool for All possible)
  • Very happy children
  • Experienced Masters level teachers
  • Literacy and communications focus
  • Wonderful library
  • SMART Reading
  • Safe campus with a big playground
  • Organic gardens with 4 goats
  • Full-sized gym with a climbing wall
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Science, art, music, PE
  • High parent involvement
  • A caring and fun community of families
  • An academic foundation for the future
  • Kindergarten ready focus

Holy Family Catholic School

Holy Family Catholic School in southeast Portland offers a two-day preschool and a three-day pre-K program. For more information please contact Denise at dolongaigh@holyfamilypdx.net or call (503) 774-8871.

Portland Preschool of the Arts & The Hangout PDX

The Portland Preschool of the Arts & The Hangout PDX is a child-focused, constructivist, exploration and discovery-based preschool. They care about children and giving our students the space to explore their own young minds, follow the ideas that strike them, learn from their mistakes, and take pride in their accomplishments. They want kids to be excited about figuring out the way the world works by inspiring curiosity and encouraging rich imagination-based play. They strive to cultivate curiosity, creativity, concentration, openness, and social understanding.

Cedar Hills Kindergarten & Preschool

CHKP is a cooperative preschool and kindergarten that emphasizes open-ended, play-based learning in flexible classroom learning spaces, a natural environment playground, and rotating art studio projects. Their amazing teachers work with parents in the classroom to facilitate engaging, open-ended curriculum. Join their wonderful community and watch your child grow and thrive!

Wow and Flutterville

Wow and Flutterville offers childcare from 6 weeks to Kindergarten. Children need to move and sing and get dirty. They need open doors and open arms. They need to see how amazing the world is and to find their unique place in it. You’ve given them life. Now it’s time to help them find their rhythm and discover their “Wow!”

Sellwood Community House

Sellwood Schoolhouse is a play-based preschool located in the heart of the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood. Rooted in play, this preschool program incorporates a child-led curriculum that introduces students to early literacy and numeracy while nurturing lifelong skills of cooperation, empathy, and a positive sense of self. Sellwood Schoolhouse is staffed by warm and highly trained teachers in playful and low ratio environments. They serve children ages 3-5.5 and offer morning preschool and an afternoon playgroup.

Young Wonders Preschool

Serving families in Northeast Portland since 2005, Young Wonders Preschool is a state certified program dedicated to providing exceptional early childhood education in a safe and nurturing environment for children ages 3-5. Their experienced teachers promote creativity, resourcefulness and exploration by engaging students in playful activities that include art, music, drama, storytelling and outdoor/garden time in a delightful setting filled with natural materials.  Please contact them to schedule a visit.

Rosebud Preschool

Rosebud Preschool is Portland’s only Reggio-inspired, intergenerational preschool for children ages two to five. Located on the campus of Rose Villa Senior Living, they combine the colorful, creative, child-centered approach of Reggio education with meaningful programming that includes Rose Villa residents to create opportunities for intergenerational learning.

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