Don’t miss Pretty Woman the Musical in town this week only, and see Wilsonville native Kaylee Olson in the company!

The Company of Pretty Woman: The Musical; Credit: Matthew Murphy for Murphy Made

Tuesday night, I took my college student son with me to see the national tour of Pretty Woman the Musical. Based on the 1990 movie that made Julia Roberts a superstar, the musical follows the film almost exactly, down to the iconic costumes, famous lines and many of the comedic bits. It’s a modern fairy tale about a young Hollywood sex worker named Vivian and her relationship with a rich CEO who hires her for a week while he’s in town on business. 

Because of the subject matter and explicit scenes, I recommend booking a sitter and enjoying a fun date night. It’s a romantic comedy with a happy ending, but there are three fairly explicit scenes that don’t leave much left for the imagination when the lights fade to black. There’s also an attempted sexual assault and plenty of talk about turning tricks. When I asked my son if he saw any kids in the audience, something I always look for when reviewing a show for PDX Parent, he looked appalled. (We didn’t see any kids in the audience, by the way.) The theater recommendation is ages 12+.


If you have mature teens or can get a sitter for date night, Pretty Woman is a blast. My son, who has never seen the movie, loved the story and was happy that he could understand every word the performers spoke and sang. For those reasons, he said it was his favorite show of the year, so far. I have seen the film before (way back when I was his age), and I think the musical is one of the better blockbuster movie-to-stage adaptations I’ve seen in recent years. The music by Bryan Adams gives the story new life and the unexpected comedic bits are a nice surprise. We especially loved the scenes involving the hotel manager, Vivian’s pseudo fairy godfather, and Guilio, the bellhop (wonderfully played by Kyle Taylor Parker and Trent Soyster, respectively.) This funny pair can dance a mean tango! 

Everyone in the talented cast was fabulous, including ensemble member, Kaylee Olson, who grew up in Wilsonville, OR, taking classes at Innovative Dance and singing in her school choir. I spoke with her after the performance and asked if she had any advice for kids who want to follow in her footsteps. She said, “Dance. Sing, Act. Don’t be afraid. As long as you’re having fun, you’re bound to succeed.” And, as Happy Man sings, “Never Give Up on a Dream.”

Pretty Woman the Musical runs now through June 5 at Keller Auditorium. Masks are required, but vaccination cards were not being checked. I’d still bring yours, just in case. 

Elizabeth Ely Moreno
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