So. Many. Snacks. Being with our families 24/7 can mean that we are the ones buying, preparing and cleaning up after every meal and snack. 

Thanks to all the families who shared their kids’ go-to snacks. We were inspired by some of the healthy ideas — and for those who shared sweet and salty treats, we are right there with you, too! Here’s a sampling of the family responses.

“Banana bread with lots of hidden veggies.” – Ashley

“Chips, although I wish it were fruit.” – Vicki


“Pepperoni and a string cheese stick with a side of pretzels.” – Yuliya

“My kids like it sweet and simple.  Having a melon and berry fruit salad in the fridge at all times is my kids favorite. ” – Daisha

“Our kids love brownies.” – Craig

“Cereals straight from the box – Kix, Chex and, good old standby, Cheerios. That’s if candy is out of the question.” – Wanda 

“Apple slices, microwaved for 3 minutes, dusted with cinnamon.” – Eric


“Tortilla with Nutella and bananas and strawberries inside, all wrapped up! Easy delicious snack!”

“Carrots and ranch.” – Rhiannon

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