Even the most crafty among us are running out of projects to keep the kids busy at home. Keep things fresh with these fun ideas.

3-ingredient Sidewalk Chalk Paint My kids loved making this chalk paint and have been asking to make more! Keep in mind that while these directions call for a large amount of cornstarch, you can easily scale down the recipe keeping a 1-to-1 ratio of cornstarch to water. Pro tip: Do all the mixing outside so the kids can get extra messy.

Edible Jell-O Cups Have your cup and eat it, too! Kids will love testing out the best ways to drink from these jiggly cups.

Artsy Collages Watercolor and cool images can make even a 2-year-old’s work truly frame worthy. Pro tip: If you don’t have an old art book you are willing to cut up, images from old magazines or comic books will work really well, too.


Easy Foam Paint Here’s another project that preschoolers will love as much as bigger kids. If the weather’s nice, do the painting outside to cut down on the cleanup in the house.

Recycled Glitter Crayons Hunt around the house for all those broken crayon pieces and create new glitter crayons! You can also change these directions up by making the crayons all one color instead of multi-color swirls. Pro tip: A star-shaped silicone mold also works really well for this project, but you can use whatever you have on hand — even a mini cupcake pan!

Dry Ice Experiments If you’ve received a special food delivery packed in dry ice, don’t just throw that frozen carbon dioxide away! This video shows a number of mesmerizing things you can do with dry ice, but my kids especially loved the easy dry ice geyser and bubble tower experiments. And simply throwing chunks of dry ice into a bowl of warm water was also a huge hit. Pro tip: Make sure the kids (and you) are wearing gloves when handling the dry ice!  

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