Readers Respond: Summer Plans

“What are your summer plans?” is usually a fun conversation starter. But this year, like everything else, summer planning feels different.

That’s why it has been great to hear what many of you are thinking as we head into what will be a summer like never before. Thanks to all of the families who responded with their ideas for summer. While much is uncertain, PDX families are planning lots of outside time, bike riding, water play, and family time. Here are some of the ideas our readers shared.

“Torture my daughter with her first backpacking camping trip.” – Jasmine

“Lots of family hikes!” – Chelsea

“As many of our travel plans have been cancelled, this will be the summer of camping! Backyard included ;)” – Julia

“We’ve registered for a few virtual camps and two outdoor day camps.” – Michelle

“Lots of water play in the backyard, and teaching my kids how to ride bikes.” – Annie

“We’ll continue social distancing as a higher risk family! But that includes outside hiking, walks, and hopefully the beach! The beach is healing :-)” – Lauren

“Spending time learning together with the kids, exploring our backyard, gardening together and enjoying the long days!” – Cheryl

“Plenty of time enjoying the yard space we’ve cleared, and eating yummy veggies from our garden.”  – Nicky

“Floating on the river!” – Carly

“We are hopefully going to the beach.” – Amber

“Chilling at home.” – Jen

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