Readers Respond: What is Bringing You Joy?

Thank you to all the readers who responded to our question last week and shared how they are doing during these uncertain times. Your responses were the highlight of our week!

It was great to read about the joy you are finding in the daily routines of life, in time spent with your families, and in every-day simple pleasures. Many families, too, wrote about finding the silver lining in spending more time at home with loved ones, and taking a break from the busyness of life.

We don’t have space to list all your responses, but here’s a sampling of what you shared.

What brings you joy?

Watching all the cars pass by from our window with Teddy. – Samantha

“Morning cuddles with the kiddos without having to check the clock to make sure we’re on the minute-by-minute schedule to make it to work and school on time.” – Judiaann

“We are recreating the things we would do in our own home, to try to be ‘normal’ and sharing our celebrations with other people, sometimes on webcams or video chats!” – Molli

“The takeout sushi we got felt like a celebration. It’s our almost-4-year-old daughter’s favorite food, and it doesn’t lend itself to home cooking. It seemed like the best sushi I’ve ever had!” – Lisa

Lego challenges! – Lynn

“Reading the same book my 8-year-old grandson is reading and having a Zoom book club discussion with him.” – Maureen

“Facetiming with my boys who are in Bend with family. My husband and I both work in healthcare.” – Jessica


“My family went in search of murals throughout SE Portland. We found some of the Bot Joy murals and one even asked this very question: What brings you joy. Art brings my family joy. Our spirits light up when we start creating. And it makes our home that much more colorful.” – Joy

“Slowing down and spending much needed quality time with my children. Going out for walks and feeding a squirrel! Making learning music fun with home made instruments.” – Frances 

“Watching my child smile, laugh, play, grow, and learn new things brings me great joy.” – Shima

“Planting seeds that may or may not sprout in my garden beds, but each seed is hope of future yummy food for my family and me.”  – Minda

“The note my eight year old wrote me that says everything will be all right.” – Eleni

“All the trees blooming in my neighborhood.” – Kiera

“Last night at dinner the girls talked about their day and said that they love playing together and this amount of quality play would not have happened without the limitations of time, school and classes.”  – Pavni

“Taking my time cooking with my son has brought me a lot of joy. . . We take our time and make a mess learning.” – Dyvisha

“Bedtime brings me joy!” – Michelle

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