We know it's not always easy feeding the kids.

Let our monthly Recipe File column provide inspiration for all your family meals, including lunch, dinner, snacks and treats.

Kids Recipe Homemade Bread

Kids Can Cook: Homemade Bread

By PDX Parent Staff / December 9, 2021

Help kids learn how to knead dough for delicious homemade bread.

Kids Can Cook: Tacos — Not Just for Tuesdays

By PDX Parent Staff / August 12, 2021

Your kids can make quick, satisfying weeknight meals.

Kids Can Cook: Measuring Skills & Lemon-blueberry Snack Cake Recipe

By PDX Parent Staff / May 3, 2021

Help your kids master the skill of measuring by whipping up a delicious lemon-blueberry snack cake.

Kids Can Cook: Cracking Eggs & Mini-Frittata Recipe

By PDX Parent Staff / March 25, 2021

The staff at Basics Market gives tips for teaching kids how to crack and whisk eggs for cute and tasty mini-frittatas.

Kids Can Cook: Knife Skills & White Turkey Chili Recipe

By PDX Parent Staff / February 18, 2021

Help your child learn the essential cooking skills of slicing and chopping with tips from the staff at Basics Market.

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