Howdy folks! Red Yarn here. To celebrate my new single, “Backyard Bop,” and my upcoming album of the same name, I’m sharing some tips for hosting your own Backyard Bop this summer. Below you’ll find 10 essential ingredients to get your party started.

I want to see y’all dancing, playing & creating! Post a photo or video of your family’s party on social media with the hashtag #BackyardBop. Tag me – @redyarnpdx on IG or @redyarn on FB – and I’ll share it! Once I see everyone’s pictures, I’ll choose one lucky family to receive a signed copy of the new album plus our other five CDs. Five more winners will get a free digital download.



1) A BACKYARD – If you have some backyard space, great, but you can start boppin’ almost anywhere… in your front yard, on a porch, patio, sidewalk or stoop, even down at the neighborhood park!

2) GOOD MUSIC – If you need recommendations, check out my new Backyard Bop playlist on Spotify! Or start up a band with your parents & siblings. No matter what, play some rockin’ tunes that’ll make everyone want to bop, boogie & jump for joy!

Check out Red Yarn’s new album “Backyard Bop” on Spotify!

3) GOOD COMPANY – In this summer of social distancing, it’s probably safest to invite just your family or your quarantine pod. But get your friends or extended family on video chat to liven up the party!

4) CRITTERS – No party is complete without some rowdy critters for company! You can invite your cats & dogs, your favorite stuffed animals or puppets, or even the neighborhood birds & squirrels!

5) COLORFUL DECORATIONS – Pull out the balloons & crepe paper, or make some bunting out of construction paper and yarn. If you want to get fancy, choose a color scheme!


6) PARTY CLOTHES – I went back to my rockabilly roots and dressed up in 1950s fashion for my shindig, but this is your chance to dig into your closet and discover your own special party style.

7) SWEET TREATS – Berries, watermelon, cupcakes, popsicles… yummmm.

8) BOILED CABBAGE – Sorry, the Critters made me include this one. They can’t have a party without a pot of boiled cabbage.

9) COOL REFRESHMENTS – Serve lemonade, juice or soda water, and fill up the kiddie pool and water balloons for extra fun!

10) A GOOD CAUSE – In the midst of your summer fun, it’s important to keep working for positive social change. Make protest signs, write postcards to elected officials, or do a dance-a-thon fundraiser for a good cause. Keep on cackling, young activists!

We can’t wait to see YOUR Backyard Bop! Remember, post your photos & videos with the hashtag #BackyardBop and tag me for your chance to win!

Andy Furgeson
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