Rock Paper Scissors is a Rockin’ Fun Time!

Oregon Children’s Theatre’s production of The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors brings Drew Dawalt’s book to life with spirited humor, dancing and singing.

As my daughter and I headed to the Winningstad Theatre to see The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors, a production based on the book by Drew Dawalt (author of The Day the Crayons Quit), we were full of questions about how Oregon Children’s Theatre would bring the book to the stage. The answer: with simple, clever staging and costumes and with lots of energy, humor, music and dancing!

The play follows the book’s plot where three warriors, Rock, Paper, and Scissors, battle opponents in their respective lands, never finding worthy opponents. The opponents and settings are funny for kids and adults: Rock battling in the Kingdom of Backyard, Paper in the Empire of Mom’s Home Office and Scissors in the tiny village of Junk Drawer. Many of the battles consist of songs and dance, featuring a range of music — including rock, blues, country and salsa. Some of our favorite battles were Paper vs. Printer in “Jam,” Rock vs. Peach in “Country Line Dance Extravaganza Freestyle Dance Off,” and Scissors vs. Frozen Dinosaur Shaped Chicken Nugget.


I liked the positive, accessible messages interspersed in the quick-moving scenes. Kids can be focused on winning or being the best, but here being undefeated is a disappointment to the warriors. In the final battle royale, there is no single champion, but the three are able to celebrate each warrior’s strength. And in the battles, there is a focus on fairness and honor.

The kids in the audience laughed loudly at the jokes, some physical comedy in fight scenes, and the repartee between the narrator and Rock. There are some witty jokes for the adults, too. All in all, Rock Paper Scissors is a rocking, fun time! It’s in the smaller Winningstad Theatre, which allows the audience to get even closer to the action. The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors runs about an hour, great for younger theatregoers.

Stick around after the show to meet the cast and get autographs. It’s a real treat to meet the actors and get to say hello.

The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors
Oregon Children’s Theatre
Winningstad Theatre, 1111 SW Broadway
Saturdays and Sundays through April 14
Recommended for all ages.
Runtime: 60 minutes, no intermission.

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