We loved this play — my kids loved it, I loved it, our friends that came along loved it. Honestly, start to finish, it was a fantastic experience. As soon as you enter you get to start interacting with some of The Starlings’ cast. They greet you, perch atop your head, interact with you. My kids are 9 and 7 and they were totally enthralled.

I think one my favorite things about the play is that it tells the stories of female pilots of the past; strong women adventurers who would not let anyone tell them they couldn’t live out their dreams. The show might be called Amelia Earhart’s First Flight, but they talk and sing about a lot of other amazing women. I learned from it and I sat in a room full of kids who were learning about these women and being inspired.


I was also joyfully surprised by certain moments in the play. At times, the set and the lighting created some unexpected, striking and beautiful scenes. After the show, my oldest son went through the line and just sat down in front of every member of The Starlings, one by one, and said hi. He didn’t have anything to say really, he just loved them so much he want to say hi. When I asked him what he liked about the play, his first response was that he like the personalities of The Starlings, that was his favorite part. He also said he barely noticed the people working the puppets. My younger son really enjoyed it, he said he thought “it was great. I liked it a lot” and then he went into a number of theories about what happened to Amelia Earhart. Both boys really liked the songs.

NWCT’s The Starlings Present: Amelia Earhart’s First Flight on Saturday and Sundays through October 15 with ASL show Saturday, October 7 at 11 am, Audio Described show on Saturday, October 7 at 2 pm and a Sensory Friendly show Sunday October 8 at 2 pm.

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