Subscription Box Review: Baketivity

From cooking to creating, keep kids busy with fresh, fun activities delivered to your door. We’ve tested out a variety of boxes and will roll out a new review for you each week. Up this week: Baketivity.

It’s probably not even my biggest shortcoming as a parent, but I’ve always felt guilty for not wanting to bake with my daughter, Maggie. On the other hand, Maggie really likes to bake, so I thought it would be good for us to give the Baketivity kit a try.

Baketivity kits are home-delivered boxes that include most of the ingredients to make a tasty treat, plus some additional activities. We chose the gluten-free granola bar one, which came with ingredients like oats, crispy rice cereal, chocolate chips and honey, plus activities about breathing and the mind-body connection. After sitting down to snack on some granola bars and look through the educational materials, here’s what we thought:


The Mom Perspective:

  • The kit presentation and materials are cheery and inviting.
  • Most of the recipe ingredients were included. We needed to add egg whites and oil and to use common cooking tools.
  • The main ingredients were premeasured and prepackaged which made putting the ingredients together quick and easy.
  • The simple and clear instructions (with pictures) made it fun for Maggie, and she was able to take the lead more often.
  • Cleaning up after baking the granola bars was easy.
  • I was impressed by the education booklet and activities about breathing and healthy thoughts.

The Kid Perspective (Maggie, age 9)

  • The granola bars were great!
  • It was fun to have a warm granola bar.
  • I liked separating the egg yolk from the egg white.
  • I liked that it wasn’t just a baking kit and had other things to it.

Overall, we found the Baketivity kit easy and fun, and the final product tasted great. Delivered activity boxes are rarely the least expensive way to go, and that is true with Baketivity as well. And if you are an advanced baker or have a lot of experience baking with your kids, this is probably not the activity box for you. But if you’d like to bake more, and are put off by the process or the mess, Baketivity is an enjoyable and turnkey option and a nice confidence-booster.

Baketivity offers subscription plans or you can purchase individual kits. If you purchase a yearly plan, the cost per kit is $25.95, and individual kits start at $32.95/kit plus shipping.

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