Bubble Tea with a Ball Pit: T’efinition Review

Just last month, Beaverton gained a swanky new bubble tea shop. Located in the Washington Square area, T’efinition serves up a strong line up of tea options with a fun little addition in the back for younger kiddos: a Ball Pit.

The Set-up

The first thing you notice when stepping into T’efinition is the Instagram worthy décor. It’s VERY pink. With succulents, pink padded chairs, and a suspended swinging pod up front, it can seem like a setup meant for only the hipster-est of patrons. However, you quickly find that this shop is approachable for everyone. The friendly staff is knowledgeable and helpful, more than willing to walk you through their variety of tea options.

Moreover, my kids loved the small ball pit in the back. Usually, I’m pretty cautious about ball pits (it’s the microbiologist in me). However, this ball pit was small, minimal, and (best of all) clean. My littles were entertained long enough for me to enjoy my beverage. The ball level was shallow, with a couple of oversized stuffed animals thrown in for good measure.

Spill the Tea

For now, T’efinition is focused on its namesake—tea. They have many different options and can customize just about anything to your tastes. Many of their drink creations are as Instagram worthy as the décor. Once you have your tea flavor down, you have the option to add boba, jelly, red beans, or pudding.

While they currently only offer bubble tea, it sounds like they will be expanding the menu soon to include some food items as well.

We’ll Be Back

The kids were happy, and we were pleased. All in all, this is a pretty sweet bubble tea shop.

Katie Carrick is a scientist turned stay at home(ish) child wrangler and freelance writer. She lives in Beaverton with her husband, two small children, and their yappy but lovable dog. You can read more from Katie on her blog, Raised on Love and Science, and on Facebook and Instagram @raisedonloveandscience.

Katie Carrick
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