The Gift of Savings

From our friends at OnPoint Community Credit Union

The holidays are upon us, and it’s a busier time than ever for parents as we do our best to make the holidays special amidst unprecedented challenges. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we must prepare for the unknowns ahead, and one of the best ways to do that is to build an emergency savings fund. To help your kids become financially responsible adults with a safety net, start instilling smart saving habits this holiday season. 

Together, let’s help them save

Launch your kids’ lifelong savings journey this gift-giving season by opening up a high-yield or college savings account for them and making an initial deposit. Kids will quickly outgrow short-term gifts like plastic toys, but a new savings account they can build upon will serve them for life.

Last year, we launched the OnPoint Savers Account, a high-yield savings account for members who are 17 years old and younger. When you open your child’s membership with a minimum of $25, OnPoint will deposit an additional $55. In addition to crossing off one of the gifts on your list, opening a Savers account for the holidays is an exciting way to begin engaging your kids on the basics of money and finance as they watch their funds grow with a 5.00% APY*. To open a Savers account for your child, visit

Start saving for college now

The earlier you start saving for college, the better prepared you will be when your kids graduate from high school. When loved ones ask what your kids want for the holidays, mention their college savings fund as an alternative to accepting long shipping delays and braving crowded malls to find the perfect toy.  

Don’t stop there

After the kids find out about their new savings account, engage them in setting a specific savings goal and then using every opportunity to save, from holiday and birthday checks to visits from the Tooth Fairy and weekly allowance. As the community continues to face financial uncertainty, the gift of savings is an impactful holiday tradition you can establish for your family this year. If you have any questions about savings accounts for kids or how to instill healthy saving habits early on, contact the OnPoint Community Credit Union branch serving your community.    


*OnPoint Savers Account rate of 5.00% APY is accurate as of April 1, 2020 and subject to change. Stated APY is for balances up to $500; balances of $500.01 and higher earn posted Regular Savings Account rate. Account must be established for members age 17 or younger by parent or guardian with a minimum $25 deposit. Parent or legal guardian must be on the membership and present to open the OnPoint Savers Account. When primary member attains the age of 18, accounts will be converted to Regular Savings Account, earning that account’s published rate at that time. Fiduciary memberships, including UTTMA and Minor Settlement Accounts are not eligible for OnPoint Savers. One OnPoint Savers Account per member/TIN. One $55 bonus per tax ID for new members only. Cannot be combined with Refer a Friend bonus or other promotional offers.

The full account balance APY is calculated by combining the 5.00% APY earnings on the first $500 with the standard APY on the remaining balance above $500.

**APY=Annual Percentage Yield.

Federally insured by NCUA.

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