Congratulations! You’re a 2022 PDX Parent Pick!

Make sure your customers know you’re a PDX Parent Pick! Please use the following decals for you web and social channels. Just right click on the images below and download. The first set of winners and top 5 will roll out with our March Summer Camps issue.

Throughout 2022, winners and top 5 will receive a prize package that includes a free upsize in print, digital ads and special discounts to our family festival. Save the date! Our family festival is on for 2022! We can’t wait to celebrate with you and our readers at Oaks Amusement Park June 18, 10am-2pm.

PDX Parent Picks Print Roll-Out Schedule:
⋆ Lessons & Camps: March (print deadline 2/9/22)
⋆ Arts & Entertainment: April (print deadline 3/3/9/22)
⋆ Shopping & Services: May: (print deadline 4/13/22)
⋆ Family Fun: June/July (print deadline 5/11/22)
⋆ Health & Wellness: August (print deadline 7/13/22)
 Birthday, Pregnancy & Baby: September (print deadline 8/10/22)
⋆ Shopping: December (print deadline 11/9/22)
(*Free upsize equals one size bigger than reserved ad. Half pages are upsized to ¾ page.)


Download your Top 5 or Winner decal here (right click and choose “Save Image As”):



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