It’s not always easy to hold the focus of my three rambunctious boys. With ages spanning between five and eleven, it can also be difficult to find something to please them all, but Imago Theater’s ZooZoo captivated them for the entire 90-minute show. 

Performed inside a small, intimate theater in inner Southeast, ZooZoo consists of five- to ten-minute skits. Each one features different animals, including penguins, anteaters, hippos, cats, frogs and polar bears. The costumes were well done and the movements by the actors mimicked the animals perfectly. 

What the Kids Liked

  • My 11-year-old Deacon loved the humor in the show. He was laughing out loud like most of the audience (myself included).
  • My 9-year-old Cooper loved that the animals interacted with the audience. The various animals would often come up the center aisle and climb and sit with audience members. Being licked by the anteater was the highlight of the show for him.
  • My 5-year-old just adores any kind of animal, and he happily watched the entire show, frequently laughing and not squirming nearly as much as I expected him to. He loved the special light effects portion, with bug eyes and birds. It was cleverly done and funny to watch bug eyes bouncing around the stage in the dark. 

If You Go

Imago Theater has traveled around the US and multiple countries with the ZooZoo show. It’s a must-see because it is so different from your typical stage production. It is truly a rare and special performance. Imago Theater recommends it for ages three years and older. There were a couple of kiddos under three who shrieked in excitement when seeing the animals, but at ninety minutes, the show is best suited for those three and up. It is a great show for both kids and adults.

Tip: There are no bad seats in the Imago Theater, but I do recommend you try to get close to the center aisle so your child can experience the animals when they come into the audience. 

ZooZoo runs December 13-January 5, 2020. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling Imago Theater on 503.231.9581

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