Screen time gets creative with these three art apps.

Drawing Pad by Murtha Design, Inc.
A simple and versatile drawing app that will let your kids doodle away. Kids can choose from a variety of drawing tools such as pencils, crayons, markers and even stickers. iPad, Android, Kindle Fire. $1.99.

Faces iMake – Right Brain Creativity by iMagine Machine Israel LTD
Kids can create collage portraits using everyday objects in imaginative ways — think macaroni art for digital natives. iPad. $2.99.

Toca Hair Salon Me by Toca Boca AB
This app allows kids to insert photos of themselves (or you, or your pet) and then creatively wash, cut, curl and color hair. (Younger kids may need help sizing and lining up face images.) Get ready to see what you’d look like with a curly rainbow mohawk! iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire. $3.99. 

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