Get Lost in the Dream Vortex

I took my family to the new Hand2Mouth production, Dream|Logic, an hour-long discovery quest full of exciting characters, interactive adventures and beautifully and smartly engineered design. It’s hard to explain what this is other than to say it’s an fully immersive and interactive theater experience. Once everyone arrives in the “lobby”, people are separated into …

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Visit The Wandmaker's House

Basically, The Wandmaker’s House is super fun and great for a group or family activity. You work together, seek out clues, solve the mystery, and get to experience a really cool space.

Summer Cultural Festivals

Portland is home to communities of people from all over the world—communities with unique and rich heritages, perspectives, and traditions. This summer, at cultural festivals throughout the city, your family can celebrate and learn about other cultures, taste new foods, and take part in dancing, singing, and other entertainment. 3 Days of Aloha in Vancouver …

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"Let's Go" Series with Oregon State Parks

Today while researching events for the kid’s calendar I stumbled upon the “Let’s Go” series of camping and outdoor events from the Oregon State Parks. Let’s Go offers families opportunities to give outdoor activities (like camping, mountain biking, canoeing, fishing, etc) a try without having to invest in equipment and under the guidance of experience …

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PDX Summer

Make the Most of Our Warmest Months There is so much fun to be had over the summer in PDX. We’ve got water play guides, event picks and so much more to make this summer the most fun.

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