Humans are social creatures. (And kids especially.) So while it is in our whole society’s best interest for us to be physically distant from friends and family right now, it’s hard. Here are some fun ideas for interacting with others … from a safe distance. 

  • Check out your neighborhood’s Facebook parent group. Lots of people are coming up with creative ways to connect our kids while school is out. For example, more than 30 neighbors in the Foster Powell area commented on a thread on where kids could spot shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day. Try something similar with your own neighborhood group. Other ideas could be neighborhood wide I spy games or scavenger hunts.
  • Spread Kindness. Send your kids into the yard to find rocks, then wash them up and paint them. On your next walk around the neighborhood drop them where other kids might find them. (Of course, wash those hands!) And go next level by posting hints to where rocks are hidden on the Facebook group NW Rocks.
  • Spruce up the sidewalk. Let your children draw pictures or write messages to neighborhood friends on the sidewalk with chalk. Or have them sketch out hopscotch courses or mazes for other kids to walk through.
  •  Find a penpal. This old tradition is trending in light of COVID-19. Interested in being matched with a penpal? Send your first name (or family name if letter-writing as a family), age(s), city and state and gender pronouns to Please note, kids under age 18 must be submitted by a parent or guardian and will only be paired with other minors. Family units will be paired with family units.
  • FaceTime dance parties. Dial up your kid’s bestie, blast some music and let them boogie down together. 
  • Watch together. Miss going to movie theaters? The Google Chrome extension Netflix Party lets you host long-distance watch parties of TV shows and movies.

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