Featured School of the Week: EdenAcres Nature School

From our friends at EdenAcres Nature School:

Welcome to EdenAcres Nature School

Our nature immersion programs foster the development of the whole child through emergent and child-centered learning, play, exploration, and discovery in the natural world.

We believe that the natural world is the ultimate teacher. EdenAcres Nature School offers a unique educational experience for children ages 3-15, where the classroom extends far beyond four walls. Here, we harness the power of nature to inspire, educate, and ignite a lifelong passion for learning.

Why Choose EdenAcres?

Nature-Centered Philosophy:
At EdenAcres, we’re on a mission to create curious, confident, and compassionate young learners. Our nature-centered philosophy encourages children to explore, inquire, and discover the wonders of the world around them. With experienced educators who share a deep love for nature, we provide a nurturing space where children can flourish.

Experiential Learning:
Whether it’s forest hikes, primitive skills, observing wildlife, STEM projects, gardening, or nature-inspired art, students immerse themselves in hands-on experiences that deepen their connection to the world around them.

Emergent Learning:
Tapping into children’s innate curiosity, we frame a curriculum that’s responsive, ensuring every child finds meaning and joy in their learning journey.

Emotional and Physical Safety:
We ensure a space where children can thrive, with opportunities to safely challenge their comfort zones. We prioritize emotional and physical safety, fostering an environment where children can confidently take measured risks.

Community and Families:
Celebrating the diverse tapestry of families, we weave community involvement into the fabric of our school. We understand that wisdom transcends classrooms, we encourage families to actively participate, be it through events, workshops, or volunteering.

Our Pedagogy and Philosophy

At the heart of EdenAcres lies a simple belief: children are natural learners. They find joy in play, are eager to explore, and curious to discover. In our curriculum, academic concepts of numeracy, literacy, culture, and science are seamlessly integrated into our daily rhythms. Through a balance of play, exploration, and instructor-led games and activities, children develop problem-solving skills, self-regulation, social-emotional and motor skills. Nature, with its boundless lessons on interdependence, diversity, and sustainability, amplifies this intrinsic motivation. Our low child-to-staff ratio ensures that each child receives ample attention, fostering an atmosphere that’s both cooperative, explorative, and responsive to the unique needs and interests of our students.

For families keen on an education that blurs the lines between learning and play, between the classroom and the great outdoors, EdenAcres Nature School awaits. Dive deeper, explore our programs, and embark on a journey where curiosity meets nature.

Little Wonders Nature Preschool for children 3-5
Rooted in nature and guided by the principles of play-based learning.

Forest Explorers for children 5-7
Fostering a child’s natural sense of wonder as we gently move between instructor-led and child-driven play and activities.

Forest School for children 8-12
A holistic learning community using 40 acres of native forest land as our classroom. Each day children move between instructor-directed activities and self-directed play and exploration, both of which contribute to the holistic development of a child’s hands, heart, and mind.

Farm School for children 6-12
A holistic learning experience using a permaculture subsistence farm as our classroom. Our place-based and seasonal curriculum integrates reading, writing, math, social studies, and the arts through hands-on projects, games, and activities.

Forest Keepers for teens and tweens 12-15
The Forest Keepers’ philosophy sees the student as the discoverer. Our job is to facilitate and support the gifts and passions of each unique student. We encourage students to push their comfort edges and expand their unique skill sets, developing their diverse abilities and talents to become capable, confident leaders and community members.

Learn more at https://www.edenacres.org/.

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