Celebrate 2016 with these festive DIY paper crowns.

HandsOn-jan16-6Over the years, we’ve experimented with several crown variations at Little Loft Studios, but this one remains a favorite. We get to reuse something we already have and try a familiar art supply in a different way. Oh, and there’s glitter involved! What could be better?


Brown paper grocery bag


Sidewalk chalk

Bowl of water

Oil pastels or crayons

Mod Podge






1. Cut out one grocery bag panel and lay flat. Draw shapes and designs with oil pastel or crayon on the flat rectangle of the bag. Drawings are most successful when they are abstract scribbles, since you will be cutting out your crown later.

2. Dip your sidewalk chalk into water and fill any empty spaces on the bag in with chalky color.

3. Mix a little bit of water and glitter (a good way to contain an inevitable glittery mess) with enough Mod Podge to coat the drawing. This step is very important, as it protects the chalk from flaking off and gives the paper bag shine and sturdiness.

4. Allow artwork to dry. Then cut it into a crown shape, measure it around the head and staple it in the back. Wear your new crown to celebrate a new year filled with many artful memories!

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