Eight Methods to Help Kids Eat More Veggies

Our writer tries eight methods for encouraging her picky eater to consume more vegetables. What worked — and what failed miserably. Do your kids eat their vegetables? Do you pack their BPA-free bento lunchbox compartments with organic broccoli and bell pepper strips, and they come home from school or day care eaten? If so, this …

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PDX Baby Resource Guide

Learn about great options for birth, child care, health, gear and more.

Busting Vaccine Myths

Oregon’s recent measles outbreak brought national attention to the Portland-metro area and a renewed focus on making sure our school-age …

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Elderberry Syrup & Coconut Oil & Amber Necklaces & Essential Oils & Probiotics

We take a hard look at Portland’s favorite green family wellness trends to see if they really live up to the hype.

The Elks Children’s Eye Clinic Preschool Vision Screening Program

Undetected vision problems in children are common, yet if your child’s eyes are straight and are not crossed, your child’s vision problem may go unnoticed.

Winner & Top 5: Hospitals & Birth Centers

Our 2020 readers’ poll winners for the best hospitals and birth centers in the Portland area.



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