The Shot Clock

As the COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll out, doctors answer your questions on safety and when your children will be able to get a shot.

Ask Dr. Doug: Baby Rashes

Babies have lots of normal rashes after they are born.

Helping Kids Develop Resilience during the Pandemic

By Pediatricians Beth Links Torwekar, M.D. with Randall Children’s Hospital and Deidré  Burton, M.D. with Metropolitan Pediatrics The realities for …

Helping Kids Develop Resilience during the Pandemic Read More »

Ask Dr. Doug: Snoring Kids

Sometimes snoring is a clue that sleep isn’t as good as we need it to be.

The Surrogate State

We explore the numerous factors that make Oregon a top surrogacy destination.

Are Your Kids Feeling Eco-Anxiety over Climate Change?

Tips for talking to your kids about climate change from Portland psychologists.

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