Top 5 Picks for Sick Days

It’s that time of year: When colds and coughs seem to be a virtually constant presence in our lives. Here are our top five places to stop the sniffles and provide some much needed respite and comfort.

Courtesy of Donnie Ray Jones

Stone Soup

Courtesy of Stone Soup

When our family is sick, I crave two things: soup — and for someone else to make dinner. Enter Stone Soup, a nonprofit serving up delicious soup and providing job training and skills to people at risk of houselessnes. We love how convenient it is to DoorDash a 24-ounce container of their hearty soup, with flavors like sweet potato pecan and chicken tortilla. And if you’re sick a lot, or just love soup, you can sign up for their monthly subscription and get one fresh soup each week. $48 a month. Pickup only for subscriptions.

Mickelberry Gardens

Courtesy of Mickelberry Gardens

We can’t get enough of Mickelberry Gardens and their comforting wellness products made from raw, local honey. From their Throat & Lung Honey tonic ($11.99) to their soothing salves, honey throat spray and honey sold in bulk, you can’t go wrong searching for ways to feel better.


Dandelion Teahouse & Apothecary

Courtesy of Dandelion Teahouse & Apothecary

For sick day pick-me-ups, we love Dandelion Teahouse & Apothecary. While you sip on their gingery “Immunitea’’ and try not to catch your kiddo’s cold, your child can enjoy one of their kid-friendly options, like their caffeine-free pumpkin juice, which sparkles with edible glitter. Kids will feel like they’re drinking a pumpkin/vanilla magic get-well potion. Pro tip: You can order ahead online for a quick pickup, so when that kind friend asks if there’s anything they can do to help out, say yes this time!

Mama & Hapa’s Zero Waste Shop

Courtesy of Mama & Hapa’s Zero Waste Shop

When sick days turn into emergency cleaning days, Mama & Hapa’s Zero Waste Shop is here to help. They deliver cleaning products straight to your door — without the waste. They offer everything from sanitizing spray ($0.10 per fluid ounce) to odor remover (we hope you won’t need it, but just in case! $0.29 per fluid ounce) and so much more. They offer same-day delivery for some locations, so check their delivery map.



Courtesy of Kanopy

So your kid has a sick day, but you don’t — you’re answering emails while doing dishes and also probably tap dancing to entertain your kid. We’ve all been there. Enter Kanopy, the free app that allows you to access entertainment through your library card. They offer read-along storybooks, story time, as well as a variety of kids’ movies.

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