Lots of things are different this year. We’re staying home more, wearing masks to go out, and for many families, school is online. But even with all that’s changed, some things have stayed the same. Your kids are still growing and learning-and they still need routine vaccines to keep them healthy and safe.

Vaccines protect kids, families, and entire communities from dangerous diseases like measles, tetanus, and even some kinds of cancer. And in Oregon, state law requires vaccinations for school and childcare … even if your child’s school is online.

It’s important to get your child’s vaccinations by February 17, 2021. That’s the state’s deadline for children to get vaccinated so they can continue to attend school, in person or online.

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Call your doctor to get caught up

If you’ve fallen behind on your kid’s vaccines this year, that’s OK. Doctor’s offices are safe, open, and ready to help. To make things easier, you can even schedule back-to-back appointments for your kids.

Check-ups and vaccinations are free for most insurance plans, including the Oregon Health Plan. So call your doctor or clinic to make an appointment today!

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