Helping Kids Develop Resilience during the Pandemic

By Pediatricians Beth Links Torwekar, M.D. with Randall Children’s Hospital and Deidré  Burton, M.D. with Metropolitan Pediatrics

The realities for children now are challenging. The lack of connection and interaction with teachers, teammates, friends and family has increased emotional stress and feelings of isolation. Children are grieving the loss of milestones (birthdays, graduations, anniversaries), celebrations, athletic activities, or just being able to hang out with a friend. The pandemic has also underscored existing racial and socioeconomic disparities.

Children are stressed, but developing resilience can help. Here are some ways parents can help boost resilience in their kids.

Celebrate your child’s strengths, recognize growth and increased responsibility.

Coping strategies
Share things that you do to make yourself feel better and help your child identify a few strategies of their own.

Find ways to help others (around the house, in your community or across the globe). It feels good and makes us more resilient.

Help your child develop and refine a new skill. Who knew your child could be such a good cook?

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