From budget-friendly picks to big splurges, shop local this year from this collection of gifts for kids of all ages. Some of these might even make it onto your own wish list!

Babies and Toddlers

Musical Lili Llama by Manhattan Toy
Who doesn’t love a good llama gift? Especially when combined with musical instruments! This musical llama comes with spinners, gears, a maraca tail, five-bar xylophone, washboard and more. Ages 1+. $49.99. Available at Kazoodles Toys.
Photo courtesy Manhattan Toy

Shape Sorter Truck by Green Toys
The classic shape sorter meets a sturdy garbage truck. It’s made from 100% recycled plastic and is dishwasher safe. Ages 0-2 years. $34.99. Available at Oodles Toy Store, MudPuddles Toys & Books and Hammer and Jacks. 
Photo courtesy Green Toys

Little Feminist Board Book Set by Mudpuppy
It’s never too early to start teaching our children that girls make history. This board book box set explores artists, pioneers, leaders and activists. Ages 0-4. $14.99. Available at Presents of Mind and Powell’s.  
Photo courtesy Mudpuppy

Hand-knit Hot Sauce Rattle by Estella
Show the world just how spicy your baby is with this rattle. With its soft feel and engaging sound, this is sure to be a hot item. Infants. $20. Available at Made You Look.  
Photo courtesy Estella

Tree Top Adventure by Manhattan Toy
There’s so much to do in this activity center! Gliders, bead runs, spinning gears, and more, divided among four unique quadrants. Ages 12 months+. $119.99. Available at the Bull & the Bee.  
Photo courtesy Manhattan Toy


Scooter Heads by Micro Kickboard
Make your kid’s scooter their own by accessorizing it with a dino, unicorn or shark friend. Compatible with Mini and Maxi scooters. Ages 2+. $24. Available at Hammer and Jacks.
Photo courtesy Micro Kickboard

Story Time Chess
Ages 3+. $65. Available at Thinker Toys and MudPuddles Toys & Books.
Photo courtesy Story Time Chess

Jr. Glow Rocket by Stomp Rocket 
You could teach your kids about projection, trajectory, force and motion. Or you could just stomp on some rockets. Bonus: These ones glow. Ages 3+. $16. Available at Finnegan’s Toys & Gifts.
Photo courtesy Stomp Rocket

Story Book Torch, Voyage d’Olga by Moulin Roty
Do something a little different next storytime. With slides and a flashlight projector, you and your child can tell the stories from the Le Voyage d’Olga collection together. Ages 4+. $16. Available at Grasshopper. 
Photo courtesy Moulin Roty

Big Wooden Mosaic Kitchen by Janod 
Kids will love playing chef in this gorgeously styled, fully accessorized kitchen. Added lights and sound effects — like boiling water — make kiddos feel as if they are making real meals right alongside you. Ages 3-8. $165. Available at Black Wagon and MudPuddles Toys & Books.
Photo courtesy Janod


Turn This Book Into a Beehive by Lynn Brunelle
This book has it all. Learn about bees and how important they are to the environment. Conduct more than 20 experiments and activities. Then turn that knowledge into action by turning the book into an actual beehive. $19.95. Ages 8-12. Available at Kazoodles Toys. 
Photo courtesy Workman Publishing

Aero Dancer by Thames & Kosmos
Learn about the physics of airflow and mechanics while building a cute inflatable tube dancer like you see around town. Four additional experiments allow kids to test air pressure, air flow and aerodynamics. Ages 8+. $19.99. Available at Kids at Heart and MudPuddles Toys & Books. 
Photo courtesy Thames & Kosmos

Little Red Accordion by Schylling
Looking for a unique gift for your budding musician? No prior accordioning required! This distinctive instrument comes with easy-to-learn instructions and songs. Ages 7+. $30. Available at Finnegan’s Toys & Gifts. 
Photo courtesy Schylling

Giant Bubble Wand by Wowmazing
Encourage outdoor play and astound your family with show-stopping bubbles. Seriously, these bubbles are huge! Great for parties, the beach, the park, or just a fun day in the yard. Ages 5+. $15. Available at Made You Look. 
Photo courtesy Wowmazing

Deluxe Cosmic Mini Golf by b4Adventure 
Play minigolf anytime with this portable glow-in-the-dark minigolf set. This five-hole set comes with a putter, balls and lots of obstacles. Black lights to make it glow are sold separately. $149.99. Ages 4+.
Available at Kazoodles Toys. 
Photo courtesy b4Adventure


Where’s Prince? puzzle by Smith Street Books
Combine the fun of Where’s Waldo with some serious ’90s trivia with this whimsical 500-piece puzzle. Look for Prince, Cher, Britney and a cast of other pop celebrities. Ages 10+. $14.95. Available at Presents of Mind and Amazon. 
Photo courtesy Smith Street Books

Tiny Ceramics Studio by Klutz 
Throw a pot. Not that kind of throw! Make your own pottery to keep or to gift. Comes with all you need, including a turntable, mini bowl molds and glaze. Ages 8+. $19.99. Available at Kids at Heart and MudPuddles Toys & Books and Amazon. 
Photo courtesy Klutz

Slackers Skyboard by b4Adventure
There’s nothing slack-ish about the Slackers Skyboard. Practice balance, gain strength and just have fun using this skateboard-like board with a bouncing ball. Ages 9+. $44.99. Available at Thinker Toys. 
Photo courtesy b4Adventure

Mobile Game Maker by Pixicade 
Draw your own video game and then watch it come to life through the magic of technology. It really does seem like magic! Ages 10+. $24.99. Available at Thinker Toys and Amazon.
Photo courtesy Pixicade

TKx400i Dual-LED Microscope by Thames & Kosmos
Treat your budding scientist with a working microscope. This package comes with slide preparations, so kids can begin observations immediately. More than 70 experiments are also included. Ages 10+. $105. Available at Oodles. 
Photo courtesy Thames & Kosmos

Want to buy these gifts at local shops? Check out our list of toy stores in the Portland-area.

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