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Come see what hundreds of families in Portland are raving about:
Music Together’s premiere early childhood music and movement program for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and the adults who love them.

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Demo classes offered 3/19 in NW, 3/20 in NE, and 3/23 in SW.

Have fun singing, dancing, and playing instruments with friends and neighbors in family-style, mixed-age classes. Be part of our musical community at 8 locations throughout the Portland metro area!

Our Spring session runs April 9th through June 16th.

Top 5 Reasons to Sign Up for a Music Together Class

1. All children are musical: Children are born with a natural enthusiasm for music and movement, and music gives parents a beautiful way to bond and communicate with their children, even before they are verbal. We’ll show you how to make music accessible and fun for your little one! Our developmentally appropriate style of music-making celebrates and incorporates the ways children learn through exploration, experimentation, and play, and inspires parents and caregivers to join them in their discovery of music.

2. Community: Families in Music Together classes feel connected. We laugh, sing, dance, and create music, and our children reap the rewards of our shared experience. Join us for 45 minutes of device-free, quality, interactive time with your child, neighbors, and friends. You’ll feel refreshed.

3. Lifelong Learning: We have so much fun in class! It’s easy to forget that we’re also giving children the basic music skills they need for a lifetime of successful music making during the period when they are most receptive to learning. A musical enrichment experience now will last your child’s lifetime.

4. Solid Curriculum: Music Together is the preeminent early childhood music and movement program, endorsed by educators and parents worldwide. We combine research-based and educationally sound teaching methods and practices, thoroughly trained teachers, and award-winning music to create a rich musical immersion experience that’s worth your investment.

5. Singing makes you happy! Singing–especially singing in a group–releases endorphins and helps you live longer. Read more about this.

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Spring term runs April 9 through June 16.

For more information, visit our website or call (503) 236-4304.

Join us for some musical family fun this spring, and create memories with your child that will last a lifetime!

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