For as long as my husband, John, and I have been together (20 years!), we’ve kept a running “Top 5” restaurant list in different categories from Best Pizza to Best Cocktails. When our twins joined us almost 11 years ago, we took them to restaurants on a weekly basis from the time we could strap them into Baby Bjorns. And as soon as they could eat solids and speak, they got a vote in the “Best of” lists. (Except the Best Cocktails one, of course!) 

Burgers — specifically cheeseburgers — are a family favorite, and one that we debate heatedly when it comes to “Best Burger.” But one place we ALL agree on is Burgerville when it comes to “fast food” burgers. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I had a drive-thru burger anywhere else. (My husband likes to say all others are “mystery meat,” which my boys think is hilarious.) 

So when Burgerville came calling to see if anyone at PDX Parent would be willing to review their new No. 6 burger, you can bet I was the first to dash off an email committing our crew for the job! 

Four No. 6 burger meals with fries or waffle fries were delivered to our home still warm and ready to be judged. The difference between the new No. 6 and the burgers we usually order (the Tillamook Cheeseburger for John and I; the boys typically go for the double cheeseburger) was immediate. The first observation was the thickness of the patty. No flat patty here — this was thick, juicy and cooked perfectly. The bun, too, was not what we’d expect, which made sense when we learned it was from Grand Central Bakery. It was loftier yet still soft (a must to make our Top 5), and it seemed a little healthier…perhaps some whole wheat mixed in? But not so much so that you felt tricked into a mom-approved option! 

After making our initial observations with our eyes and noses, we quickly turned to our taste buds. They were NOT disappointed. “I’m in LOVE with this burger!” exclaimed Sam. “This is more like a nice restaurant burger, not a fast food burger,” Gabe observed. John and I agreed; this new No. 6 is a step up. The taste of the burger is excellent, which again made sense when I later read that Burgerville partnered with Carman Ranch, where their cows are grass-fed from birth on with no hormones, additives or antibiotics. Not even any fertilizers, chemicals or pesticides are used on the pastures in which they graze. It’s obvious in the quality of the meat and makes me feel better both about eating meat and feeding  it to our children.


The cheese, too, made the burger taste “fancier,” according to Sam. An aged white cheddar from Face Rock Creamery in Bandon, Oregon complimented the burger perfectly.  

We also received three sauces to try: Chipotle Mayo, Country Ranch Dressing and Garlic Aioli. These, too, were yummy on the fries. (I’m sure they would be on the burger, too, but the burgers were eaten before we thought of it!) 

So, what’s the verdict you may be wondering? How does the No. 6 rate on our Top 5 Burgers list? I’d say for John and I, in the category of “Fast Food” it knocked the Tillamook Burger out of top slot. I think the No. 6 will make a quickie drive thru dinner for the whole family a stronger possibility on a busy weeknight.

As for being kid-friendly, Sam is a definite “yes.” He gobbled his down. Gabe, however, said he still prefers the double cheeseburger as his first choice because of the cheese. He’s an American cheese kid who has never really cared for cheddar. And I can see other younger kids still preferring the standard cheeseburger. But that’s OK, because if they’re getting it in the Kid’s Meal, I’ve learned that Burgerville is bringing back their seed packets, which have always been a Kids’ Meal prize we’ve loved getting and have used in our garden! 

I think it’s safe to say that the new No. 6 Burgerville burger just reconfirmed Burgerville’s standing as No. 1 on our “Top 5 Best Burger/Fast Food” list!

Jill Weisensee
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