Kid-friendly Finances

Opening a first savings account at OnPoint Community Credit Union I remember opening a savings account when I was a kid—I particularly remember my blue passbook and feeling proud and grown-up. So I was excited when my 8-year-old daughter Maggie grew interested in a savings account. It was about time since Maggie had been hiding …

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Adulting: Save Smart

Retirement vs. college? Clarify your family’s goals and unpack this perpetual savings conundrum.

Adulting: Estate Planning, Demystified

Yes, you’re young and still growing that nest egg — but there’s much to be gained from cinching your estate …

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The Advantages of Nanny Agreements

Is a nanny right for your family? Here are some considerations to create a nanny agreement that will best serve the parents, the nanny and the children involved.

Estate Planning For New Parents

For new parents especially, estate planning assures that your children will be taken care of—physically, emotionally and financially—should something happen to you.

Why is child care so expensive?

Ever wondered where all the money you pay your child care provider actually goes? Three locals break it down.


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