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PDX Parent magazine recently took home four Parenting Media Association Design & Editorial Awards. Judges from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism reviewed entries from parenting and family magazines from across the country to determine the winners.

PDX Parent won a bronze for Front Cover: Best Use of Stock Photo for our June/July 2017 cover, which featured a photo from Washington-based photographer Michelle Waters.


We also earned a silver for Best Family Fun section for our Field Trip columns Orange is the New Track and If I Could Turn Back Time, both written by our online editor Alison Wilkinson.

The August 2017 article The Pot Shop Around the Corner by Beth Slovic, which shared information about how to talk to kids about marijuana, earned us a silver award for Best Service Feature.

The editorial team was also pleased to earn a bronze award for Best Overall Writing. We’re honored by the awards and will keep striving to bring our readers the best written,reported, and smartly designed articles that we possibly can.

Notes from the judges:

Front Cover: Use of Stock Photo


Bronze: PDX Parent; “June/July Cover”

Colors from the child’s hat and peaches are used for the typography to create a cohesive cover. Her bent head leads viewers to the peaches and lead tease. The low depth of field keeps interest on the subject, without distractions in the background.

Family Fun Column

Silver: PDX Parent; “Field Trip”       

A  first-person perspective immediately brings readers into these stories that provide a wealth of personal travel experiences while also offering the needed resource details so other parents can make their own family memories.

Service Feature

Silver: PDX Parent; “The Pot Shop Around the Corner: Cannabis Culture is Here to Stay in Portland”

Many states, including Oregon, have changed their laws on marijuana sale. How do you talk to curious younger children about pot dispensaries that are popping up all over town? This article uses direct talk and even humor to deal with a localized topic that requires parental discretion.  

Overall writing

Bronze: PDX Parent; Julia Silverman, editor; Denise Castañon, managing editor; Alison Wilkinson, web editor

PDX prides itself on exclusive local content produced by and for local parents. And it should. The friendly voices in the writing help readers feel as if they’re talking to their neighbors.

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