Resale for First-Time Parents

Hearing that a baby is on the way sets off fireworks of excitement—and then the nesting begins.
A spare bedroom is converted into a nursery, walls are painted, corners are padded, floors are scrubbed clean and the baby item “to-buy” list just keeps on growing. A changing table, a crib, a rocking chair, bookcase, night light, sound machine, mobile, swaddles, diaper options (cloth versus disposable), wet wipes, swing, bouncy chair, carriers, diaper bag, bottles, bottle warmers, nursing/feeding pillow, stroller, burp cloths, clothing, baby’s first toys – and that’s just the half of it! The list can get quite long and overwhelming. With the never-ending “to-buy” list comes not only extra expenses, but also lots of packaging, and all the resources to make and ship these items, often across the country or the world.

This is why resale for new families is a great option.

Resale shops are selective in the gently used items they accept. Items are screened for any damage, wear and recalls. Many of the baby items are still in their original packaging, either from families who didn’t use the items or received duplicates at their baby showers. You can feel good shopping for resale baby gear and clothing knowing that resale shops have already chosen the best and safest items.

Babies outgrow items so quickly, often leaving them in nearly new condition. Your baby will grow very fast in the first 24 months and you don’t need to buy new items at full price.

3 Reasons to Shop Resale with a New Family

Savings: By shopping resale, you can save 30 to 70 percent off the new retail price.

Environment: Shopping resale saves fossil fuels, as there’s less demands for the new item to be manufactured. This saves on water, electricity, coal, plastic, metal and all the resources that go into manufacturing a new item, as well as shipping these items.

Community: Shopping local keeps your dollars in your community and helps support other families.

6 Tips for First-time Parents Shopping Resale

  1. Have a list of the items you are hoping to have for your new arrival. Often, staff members at local resale shops can offer advice on what needs to be included in your list.
  2. Follow your local resale shops on social media to see what types of items they have in stock.
  3. Let your friends know that they can often purchase gift cards for your baby shower to your favorite shops. Then you can pick out the items you want as you need them.
  4. If you receive new or gently used items you don’t want or need, bring them in to resell and use the money earned for new items as your baby grows.
  5. As your baby grows, wash and put the gently used items in a tub, and bring in to resell. You’ll earn dollars for other items you’ll need down the road.
  6. As your baby starts to grow, you can still shop resale! You will find items such as books, wooden toys, games, swimsuits, training underwear and all the essential clothing and shoes your growing children could need.

10 Baby Essentials New Families Can Buy Resale

  • Strollers
  • Baby swing, bouncy/vibrating chair
  • High chair
  • Bumbo
  • Nursing pillows
  • Carriers
  • Cloth diapers
  • Clothing
  • Baby gates
  • Bassinets to DockATots

Whether you just need the essentials or want to go all out, there are countless fun finds to discover in a resale store. Not only will you be saving money and resources, but you also will be supporting your local community.

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