Managing Your Tween’s Screen Time

Give your tweens independence and responsibility while getting screen time under control.

Kid to Know: On-the-spot Reporter

Eddy Binford-Ross was tear-gassed by federal officers as she reported on Portland’s George Floyd demonstrations for her high school newspaper.

Review: Oregon Coast Railriders

Hit the road on a quadricycle with Oregon Railriders.

Kids to Know: Oregon’s Top Volunteers

Recent Roosevelt graduate Kaiya Laguardia of Portland and 13-year-old Jacob Van of Beaverton were named Oregon’s top youth volunteers of …

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The Mental Impact of School Lockdown Drills

Lockdown drills have become the norm in our nation’s schools. But how can we protect kids from a potential active shooter event without traumatizing them in the process?

Field Trip: Stronger Skatepark

Good vibes and cool terrains make the indoor Stronger Skatepark in Milwaukie a hot spot for kids to skateboard through the winter.  My kids have grown up skateboarding — their dad gave them each (all five of them, ages 8 to 16) skateboards for their first or second birthdays. Still, Portland’s rainy winters and my …

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