The Magic of Family Music

From our friends at Music Together® of Portland

Music Together of Portland invites you to bring the light of music into your family’s life this winter! Discover the joy of singing, dancing, and playing with your little one in a wonderful community of music-making families.

Music Together classes are informal, engaging, and all about fun! Make new friends while singing, dancing, and exploring ways to play musically with your baby, toddler, or preschooler. You’ll be having such a great time, you may not even realize you’re also giving your child access to the basic music skills they need for a lifetime of successful music making, at the time when their brain is most receptive to learning!

Winter session runs January 6 – March 14.
Registration opens December 9.
Free demonstration classes December 9 – 13. Reserve a spot now!

The holiday season is upon us, and with it, the flurry of activity that creates some of the year’s most heart-warming memories. From The Hip-Hop Nutcracker to school concerts to religious services to holiday hits playing in an endless loop on the radio, abundant opportunities exist to experience the physical and emotional benefits of music during this busy time of year. Read on to discover five great reasons from Music Together Worldwide to make this holiday season a musical one.

1. Music-making is beneficial to children’s development. Music stimulates social, physical, cognitive, and emotional development and promotes language and concentration skills, confidence, and self-esteem. During the early years, active engagement with music promotes brain development and naturally supports growth essential to life and learning; that’s why we say music-learning supports all learning. Support your child’s development this holiday season—sing  your favorite songs in the car, jam to your holiday playlist, or go to a holiday concert or musical.

2. Music helps us create and recall powerful memories. Music can spark happy memories and is often an important part of treasured family traditions, especially around holidays. Singing while you decorate the tree, at a holiday party, or at a religious celebration can help form memories and bonds with extended family and friends that will be recalled for many years to come.

3. Music relieves stress. There’s no doubt the holidays can be stressful. Did you know that singing can relieve stress? Studies show that singing has the ability to slow our pulse and heart rate, lower our blood pressure, and decrease the levels of stress hormone in our bodies. Making or listening to music can actually result in increased levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that stimulates the brain’s reward system. So, sing along to music in the car while navigating holiday traffic or getting ready for company. It will help you stay calm and model for your children a healthy way to deal with the stress of everyday life.

4. Music connects us. The holidays can be lonely for some people. Singing, especially in groups, can relieve this loneliness by connecting us to others in ways that no other activity can. Research indicates that music-making as a shared experience can activate and synchronize similar neural connections in all those participating. This alignment can result in feelings of empathy and shared intention that promote positive social interaction and bonding. When you sing with others this holiday season, everyone reaps the benefits!

5. Singing is intergenerational. Music is an ageless way to connect with older relatives and create ties between youngest and oldest family members. Sharing memories of holiday music-making from their past and teaching those songs to future generations can bring joy to both elderly storytellers and the family members listening and forming new memories.

This holiday season, take advantage of the wealth of musical opportunities offered. Remember the power of music to create special times and lasting memories with friends and family, during the holidays and all year long!

Join Music Together of Portland for some musical fun this winter!
Free demonstration classes throughout Portland, December 9 – 13.
Reserve your spot today!

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